Technology solutions

Our technologies help to land safe to over 60,000 flights a year.
More than 1,000,000 passenger transactions are processed per week.

Together with our technological subsidiary, ICTS Europe Systems offer a unique combination of operational expertise and pioneering technological solutions. Be it the area of aviation security, immigration, training and assessment or general security management.

With over 13,000 employees worldwide, we know that technology is only as good as the people who operate it. We therefore put great emphasis to the user interface, working closely with our staff in the field.  

Each product is carefully tested and quality-assured before it is launched. This, combined with in-depth industry knowledge and sound commercial awareness, allows us to offer our clients state-of-the-art systems designed by award-winning programmers and experienced security staff.

Backed by complete product support from development to implementation, we help our client stay competitive by enhancing security levels and customer service standards, and achieving better operational efficiency whilst reducing costs.

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