Security management systems

Site Management Utility (SMU) is an advanced comprehensive security management software program used for the definition, planning, recording and reporting of a site's security activities and incidents. It was designed in-house by ICTS's technological subsidiary.

SMU is complemented by an integrated patrol system called ‘Coyote’. It helps with the information capturing and viewing in real time via a personal digital assistant (PDA) using 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

The SMU utilities include:

  • Setup – including site structure, critical points, and user permissions
  • Planning – appointments
  • Log Book – records all activities per day/week/month
  • Incidents – designed for entering incident reports
  • HR – staff information including training history, appraisals, drills and personnel records
  • Reports and Charts – to process the recorded information to produce charts and trend reports
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators