ICTS Security Advisor

From its beginning in 1974 aviation security has developed into highly sophisticated and regulated aviation branch. At least small legislative changes influence the EU AVSEC operations at least once a year.

Most of the companies active in the field of aviation had to establish at least the position of security manager or even specialized security unit. In many cases, the security manager position is burdened with another corporate tasks and it is very challenging for such a person to know in detail all the regulatory implications and administrative procedures in AVSEC area.

Is this familiar to you? No worries. ICTS can help to solve this problem.

What we offer:

  • preparation of complete documentation,
  • communications with the state authorities,
  • complete information support related to risks.

What you get:

  • Time to concentrate on your core business
  • AVSEC training provided by ICTS or experienced cooperating instructors.

ICTS Cargo Security Advisor

Since 2012 cargo procedures became similary regulated as passenger transport. This put many consigner´s managers into difficult times because of

  • the system of documentation requirements,
  • cargo screening,
  • facility protection,
  • protection of vehicles involved in a supply chain
  • trainings for all persons involved with the air cargo .

For a flat monthly payment ICTS can provide you with a full support to fulfill legislative obligations such as

  • drafting of security programme,
  • security programme updates,
  • on-spot security design,
  • access to european RAKC database,
  • on-line advisory support,
  • training delivery,
  • assistance during state or international quality control inspections.

In addition to flat rate scheme, depending on every entity´s actual needs and demands, ICTS assistance can also have a form of individual consultations.

ICTS Internal Security Auditor

Most of the entities playing an active role in aviation security has an obligation to establish internal quality control system and guarantee, that security measures described in security programme are fulfilled in daily operation.

ICTS can provide you with highly qualified internal auditor, who will do the quality control actions, including prescribed documentation for you. In addition, the internal auditor can participate on Civil Aviation Authority or European Commission inspections of your entity.

ICTS Small Airport Security Consultant

Except of generally lower security risk connected with small airport operations, EU and Czech national legislation still requires some basic security measures to be taken.

ICTS offers to all small airports operators the elaboration of alternative measures request, preparation of airport security programme and consultancy in adequate security design of the airport.

In addition, regular update of the programme, training of airport security manager and assistance during national security inspections can be provided.