Luxury retail

In the luxury retail environment, maintaining strict security standards whilst providing a relaxed, welcoming experience to visitors has never been more challenging. Our staff is carefully trained to provide outstanding customer service and meet strict security regulations at the same time.

Staff are matched to individual job descriptions. That can involve working with customers in a shop. Or behind the scenes at fashion shows and trade shows, for example.

Our comprehensive and challenging training programs equip the staff with the correct know-how and practice. That´s why our people always undertake their duties in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

Our services include:

  • prevention of theft and anti-social behaviour
  • discreet security of luxury goods at events, photo shoots and trade shows (complementing personal protection services)
  • worldwide courier transportation services
  • alarm response facilities
  • CCTV & surveillance
  • 24-hour key holding
  • ‘mystery shopper’ services
  • audits and risk assessments

In response to the sharp rise in global criminal activity against the luxury goods sector, ICTS Europe has set up a Security Gold Club. A series of alert bulletins and newsletters are issued to client members informing them on security-related news and on training programs specific to the sector.

Retailers worldwide can trust us to provide a complete security service, protecting staff, merchandise, and therefore the brand.