Our spirit

The company spirit reflects the core values and code.

Meet the four fundaments everyone at ICTS´s follows:

Client First

It is simple: Under any circumstances we provide to our clients and their customers with an excellent experience and the highest levels of customer service. 

Speaking of service: for us that means to be always available and attentive, have the willingness to listen and, of course, the duty to act – promptly and appropriately.

Team Spirit

No surprise: above all we value our people. Beacuse we all are the ICTS people. Only skilled, confident and positive people make the difference. And only those people cam make our clients staisfied.


We understand that today’s novelties will become tomorrow’s norms. That´s why we are for years remaining ahead of the game. We are proud to have been setting security industry standards.  

We encourage creativity and seek new ideas. And will be happy to share them with you.


And keeping the promises. These two are the keys, when it comes for securing confidence. As security professionals, our people are entrusted with the most complex of tasks and often with sensitive information.

We guarantee they know how to handle it.