Our History

The birth of ICTS International

It all started in the Netherlands in the early 1980s, when the crucial ideas of modern Aviation Security concepts were coined in a newly formed company known as ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security). Since then these four letters became a synonym for risky businesses and environments security solutions.

1999: The rise of ICTS Europe

After almost 20 years of growth and expansion, time has come to estabilish ICTS Europe as separated company incorporated into the structure of ICTS International.

The new company quickly gained strong presence within the Aviation Security sector thanks to professional concepts and service solutions that later became industry benchmarks.

2002: The extension of the business

With over 250 international clients ICTS expanded geographically across Europe, Africa and Asia. The company extended its skill sets and experiences into the General Security arena and the Maritime, Critical Infrastructure and Corporate sectors.

2008: Preparations for the great future

One of the greatest moments of our company´s history came that year: ICTS Europe was acquired by Management and Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, a leading Germany-based private equity company, listed on the German stock exchange.

This move gave us a solid background and great expactations on the future. Eventually, it all came off far better than anyone in ICTS Europe expected.

2013: Entering Groupe Sofinord

Becoming part of Groupe Sofinord, a family-owned business group in the field of customer services and business logistics services, ICTS Europe’s geographical presence and security focus complemented Groupe Sofinord’s portfolio.

As part of Groupe Sofinord, ICTS Europe has sound and solid financial structure and a long-term strategy of growth and business development.